Rites of Passage

You don’t have to be a Unitarian to mark a milestone in your life with Boston Unitarians.

We can host Child Blessings and Namings, Weddings for both opposite sex and same-sex couples, Funeral and Memorial services.

Child Blessings and Namings

If, like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the birth of your child but would like your child to have freedom to choose their own spiritual path, alternatives such as a church blessing, naming ceremony or simple “naming day” are becoming increasingly popular. The focus is on the individual child and family, and can be held whenever you’re ready. A typical naming ceremony might include readings or poems, parental promises to their child, and the appointment of ‘guideparents’. Ceremonies can also be held to welcome adoptive children into a family, and to mark adult transitions and changes of name.


Unitarian weddings are unique in that they are often highly personalised to reflect the beliefs and values of the couple getting married. As a liberal religious movement, Unitarianism encourages individuals to follow their own spiritual path and respect the beliefs of others, so it is not uncommon for Unitarian weddings to include elements from multiple religious or cultural traditions. In addition, Unitarian weddings often place a strong emphasis on celebrating the love and commitment of the couple, rather than on adhering to a strict set of religious or cultural customs. As such, the ceremony may be designed by the couple or the officiant in collaboration with the couple, and may include elements such as poetry, music, or personal anecdotes. Overall, Unitarian weddings offer a great deal of flexibility for couples who are seeking a personalised, meaningful, and inclusive wedding ceremony.


Unitarian funerals are marked by their emphasis on celebrating the life of the deceased and honoring their legacy, rather than focusing on traditional religious rituals. Unitarianism is a liberal religious movement that encourages its members to follow their own spiritual path and respect the beliefs of others, so it is common for Unitarian funerals to reflect the unique personality and values of the person being remembered. Eulogies, music, and readings are often chosen by family and friends to pay tribute to the deceased and highlight their contributions to their community and the world. The overall tone of a Unitarian funeral is one of warmth and comfort, with a focus on providing support and comfort to those who are grieving the loss of their loved one.

In all our ceremonies, we aim to hold a safe space for you and your community to come together to share the important moments in your life. Whether for namings, weddings, funerals (or any other significant event you would like to mark with an appropriate ceremony) the Unitarian approach is for the celebrant to work closely with all those involved to craft a personal and meaningful occasion.